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plate square, drill and dowel guage, bevel guage Plate Square £6.50 £5.42
Drill and Dowel Gauge


Bevel Gauge


dovetail marker standard No.3 Guide for Big Mortice Chisels £50.16 £41.80
No.3 upgrade kit for deeper working throat £10.80 £9.00
Super Accurate Plate Brass Square Super Accurate Plate Brass Square £28.80 £24.00
dovetail marker standard Dovetail Marker (Standard) £17.34 £14.45
dovetail marker deluxe Dovetail Marker (Deluxe) £18.58 £15.48
centre finder Centre Finder £16.36 £13.63
angle master Angle Master £18.58 £15.48
adjustble bevel Adjustable Bevel £34.44 £28.70
double ended calipers Double Ended Calipers £34.44 £28.70 Terms
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All luthiers planes sent by tracked Royal Mail Airsure

Plumb Bob and Case Plumb Bob and Case £40.06 £33.38
Memory Stick Memory Stick £46.00 £30.00
Richard Kell no 1 guide Richard Kell Number 1 Guide £34.44 £28.70
honing Guide 2 Richard Kell Number 2 Guide £40.05 £33.38
Richard Kell honing guide no 3 Richard Kell Number 3 Guide Mk I £62.81 £52.34 *
Richard Kell Number 3 Guide Mk II i.e. simplified £53.85 £44.85 *
Pair Ertalite TX rollers: state no.1 or no.3 size £4.98 £4.15
Honing guide: Pair polycarb washers £2.48 £2.07
luthiers plane Luthiers Plane: 10mm Flat Sole £199.49 £166.24 *
Luthiers Plane: 10mm Curved Sole £231.42 £192.85 *
Luthiers Plane: ½ inch Flat Sole £211.46 £176.22 * Please state diameter of curvature required. Hint: use a plate or saucepan to get an idea of the desired profile.
Luthiers Plane: ½ inch Curved Sole £243.40 £202.83 *
Luthiers Plane: 5/8 inch Flat Sole £223.44 £186.20 *
Luthiers Plane: 5/8 inch Curved Sole £255.37 £212.81 *
Luthiers High Carbon Irons £24.00 £20.00 Please state correct thickness and width required
Sub Total
Postage and Packing £3.60 £4.50