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'Equation of Time'

  • Outstanding quality
  • Complete with screws and fixings
  • Available for all dial owners and other sundial makers both private and commercial.

the equation of time plaque copyright Richard Kell 2006There are only four times a year when a sundial indicates time exactly to your watch. This difference between sundial time and clock time is termed the 'EQUATION OF TIME'.

I have carefully plotted the equation of time to produce a solid brass engraved plate 2 1/2 inch x 3 3/4 x 1/8 thick. Supplied pre-drilled with number 4 size raised countersunk brass screws.

The equation of time was previously better known than it is now, as in centuries gone a mechanical timekeeper would be set by means of a sundial in conjunction with the time equation, thereby indicating the appropriate time difference.

Accurately plotted, carefully engraved. An unusual though highly relevant accessory for any sundial.

I only supply this direct, price £150.00 each. including 1st Class Mail in the UK and small packet airmail for overseas customers (please add 20% vat for EU only). Invoice issued to cover the transaction, money back guarantee.

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