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Luthiers Hand Planes: exquisite new tools for the violin maker

luthiers plane luthiers plane
luthiers plane luthiers plane

  1. New concept adjustable mouth due to an innovatory design of the plane body. Nothing else like it.
  2. Pat applied design registered innovative design.
  3. Heavy section high carbon steel iron of toolmakers gauge plate. Diamond lapped flat to toolroom standards.
  4. Three widths of iron, 10mm, 1/2",5/8". Body overall length 1-5/8 inch.
  5. Curved soles (as per a compass or coachmakers plane) are available at either 5, 7, or 10 diameter profile. These can be owner-modified with handfiles to a compound 'fishbelly' curvature if desired.
  6. Solid brass body, stainless and blued steel R.Kell made details.
  7. Excellent 'hand memory',form and weight. Screams quality. Some tolerances less than 0.001 inch in its manufacture.
  8. So easily sharpened with my no.1 guide; n.b curved edge iron is by hand. 
  9. Mouth profile/geometry can be so easily modified to as you wish.
  10. Can be used bevel down or up. Iron sharpened at 25 degrees, frog is 30 degrees. Sets beautifully by opening a book or diary, press the plane body down firmly onto the page and let the iron drop to the paper surface, then clamp. Hey presto fast accurate setting and one thou shavings.
  11. Available only direct from the maker, paypal/export available.

I guarantee the day that you receive one of my planes you will find them irresistible, difficult to put down.

I enlisted the services of a highly talented and experienced luthier (worked throughout Europe) to bench test the plane and he reported that the iron was as good as any he had used in this small scale (he owns Holtey planes) and loved the 'feel' and hand memory of the plane. So impressed with the micro-adjustability of the mouth. I have a pile of old 'Strad' magazines which help provide insight into the needs of the Luthier and co-incidentally listening to chamber music is a great interest of mine bbc r3 etc.

See The Strad Magazine, October 2007 issue Page 19.

*** Update 2017  - I'm sorry to say Richard Kell Luthiers Planes are no longer available.

Be sure to state which curvature you require, either 5,7 or 10 inch dia or to your own specific size - I'll machine one specifically for you, be sure to let me know.

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