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I'm happy to supply worldwide and have been doing so for more than forty years, but please be aware a no.2 LGE into the USA will entail my emailing to request additional money to cover the mid 2020 postal increases of 50 per cent in one hike, instigated from the USA side. An easy procedure, a 'friends payment' for the extra works fine. Its always a no quibble money back guarantee or free replacement and my honing guide spares are all made to interchangeable limits therefore spares are no problem. Hardly ever is anything lost in the post, its a pretty safe procedure ie air small packet or first class UK and my secure little packages have often been praised! 


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Regarding lead content, something Goverments are keen to highlight and rightly so. In my bevel gauge for instance my knowledgeable and qualified raw materials supplier informs me the lead content is beneath measurable, one of twenty impurities in the remaining less than 0.1 percent, ie less than point one percent. The material conforms to BS ENCW508L.