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Super Precise Marking and Measuring Handtools

Richard Kell Bevel Gauge, Try Sqare Drill Gauge

Bevel Gauge

The original Richard Kell bevel Gauge, in continuous production for twenty years. Beware of an imitation going the rounds, it has not got my name in it nor has it got my quality. Twelve accurate angle cut outs with apex cut-away to prevent damage to prepared cutting edges. Overall 2 inches diameter.

Bevel Gauge £8.49 ex vat.

Plate Square

A deceptively simple plate square produced to within ½ thou inch square along any edge, a tolerance tighter than British standard engineers grade B. Overall 2½in.

Plate Square price £7.42 ex vat.

Drill and Dowel Gauge

Drill and dowel gauge with a range of 1/8 to 1/2 inch dia. Again, surprisingly accurate, hole diameter to B.S. engineers 'h6' reamer tolerance. Overall 2 inches diameter.
Richard drill and dowel gauge now discontinued.

Super Accurate Plate Brass Square

Super Accurate Plate Brass Square

Workers have asked me for this for a long time, a super accurate tool that I reckon is within one thou inch max deviation along any edge. Dimensions 3 inch inch long leg, 2-1/4 short leg. A nice tool to handle, to have on the workbench. Carefully machined with super crisp flat edges from notoriously flat 3mm engravers 'compo' brass sheet. Once seen it really does sell itself !

Price £26.00 ex vat.

Deluxe Dovetail

Dovetail Markers

Standard dovetail marked without slot, deluxe version with slot to act as try square to aid marking out. Slope per edge 1:5 for softwoods, 1:8 for hardwoods. Solid brass 2-1/2 inches overall

    Std version £16.45 ex. vat
    Deluxe £17.48 ex. vat

Standard version

Deluxe version

Centre Finder

As with nearly all my tools made from solid brass and finished to a very high standard my centre finder is to 8-3/4 in dia. capacity, overall tool 5-1/4 inches. This is the only device capable of marking off a line at right angles to a curved edge, i.e.Line at 90 degress to curved edge

Price £15.63 ex vat.

Centre Finder

Angle Master

Angle Master

The Richard Kell Angle Master is a unique set of seven very accurate angle templates including 45°, eliminating any calculations to set a machine 'spot-on'. Produced to one thou inch tolerance along any four inch edge, tooling produced using toolmakers sine bar and inspection grade slip gauges. The cuts per 360° circle are 4,6,8,12,24, and 32.

Anglemaster explaination

Hint: play around with scissors, paper and these angle templates and you will not be able to hold back from cutting and amount of different mitres.

Leaflet included

Angle Master no longer available.

Adjustable Bevel

Beautifully designed and made, flawless quality, solid brass. Four Inches overall

Price £31.70 ex vat.

Adjustable Bevel

double ended calipers

Double Ended Caliper

The Richard Kell double ended caliper is five inches overall, incorporating a unique high quality centre joint, comprising p.t.f.e. washer, fitted bronze bush and close tolerance steel hub. The same caliper functions in two modes, internal to external and by rotating 180° is a very sensitive and precise wall thickness caliper.

double ended caliper no longer available.

Plumb Bob and Case, hand turned solid brass

I'm re-introducing this after nearly a quarter century being unavailable. Is as hand crafted, hand turned as you can get, illustrating the trade of 'brass finisher' a line of work long extinct. Interestingly the handtool that I use to form the outer bobbin concave flange is stamped H & D ie Holtzapffel and Deyerlein a partnership that ceased around the same time that Stephensons 'Rocket' first ran at the Rainhill Trials.

I have 12 plumb bob and case left to inquire about availability

Plumb Bob and Case

Memory Stick

Memory Stick

Two well fitting sliding brass bobbins to 'remember' whatever dimension, actually a handy device in my own place for 'centring' all my die-cut packaging; spawned wheel marking gauges to follow. Heat blued nicely turned steel locking screws onto 3/16 dia stainless rod 5-3/4 inch (ie 146mm) overall. I first offered this in the mid/late 1980's and as with the plumb bob was one of those items discontinued because of being busy with tooling for electronic circuit board assembly, with hindsight I should have kept these items in production, other firms picked up the ideas and called them their own!

Memory Stick no longer available.

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