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Retro-fit LGE Rollers

Retro-fit LGE Rollers

Enables my small roller no.1 or no.2 to be converted to large roller working. I continue to offer no.1 as small roller and from Aug 2013 no.2 LGE is large roller as standard issue, each has their uses and applications, my no.1 is a hit with users of narrow Japanese chisels and woodwind players making their own reeds. Warning - circlips can be dangerous, you must wear eye protection and clear others from the area. No liability will be accepted. E&OE Richard Kell 2020.  Background info see my blog

Price £13.20 ex vat

0 - 2 5/8 inch honing guide

Richard Kell no.2 LGE

Larger rollers make the 'Richard Kell no.2 LGE' an absolute winner. It will easily handle the narrowest to the largest and its clever and unique location method coupled with the excellent side clamping ensures 'spot-on' fast results. Capacity zero to 2-3/4 inch ie 70mm. From Aug 2013 this is the new 'standard issue' ie no.2 LGE. Warning - circlips can be dangerous, you must wear eye protection and clear others from the area. No liability will be accepted. E&OE Richard Kell 2020.  Background info see my blog

User Guide 350k(This is a scan of my hand written user guide in .jpg format)

Price £56.86 ex vat

3mm poly carb risers (strips to raise no.2 LGE wheels for final 5 degree bevel) £3.68 ex vat

No.3 Guide for Big Mortice Chisels ie deep throat

This is a new version (autumn 2012) of my no.3 mkII ie the simplified (no sprung pin for Lie Nielsen skew blades) with an increased working gap to cope with deep section mortice chisels. Note chisel projection distances have to be increased accordingly, my user notes will detail this change. This further development of my no.3 guide increases the 'throat' or space available for chisel and wedge to 13/16 inch ie 21mm from my usual 7/16 inch ie 11mm. Tip: a slip of paper does a good job of eliminating any slip or movement between the chisel / iron and brass plate and two wedges will cope with all you need, there is no such thing as 'all those wedges' ... recommended profile / taper include with the info sheet. Massive sturdy wheel spacing ensures the jig is master of the tool. Should you wish to retro- fit upgrade your existing guide to 'deeper working throat' I can supply an upgrade kit of longer screws and spacers £9.00 excl vat

Price £59.76 ex vat.

No.3 upgrade kit for deeper working throat. Price £9.00 ex vat.

Centre Finder

Super Accurate Plate Brass Square

Super Accurate Plate Brass Square

Workers have asked me for this for a long time, a super accurate tool that I reckon is within one thou inch max deviation along any edge. Dimensions 3 inch inch long leg, 2-1/4 short leg. A nice tool to handle, to have on the workbench. Carefully machined with super crisp flat edges from notoriously flat 3mm engravers 'compo' brass sheet. Once seen it really does sell itself !

Price £35.20 ex vat.

Plumb Bob and Case, hand turned solid brass

I'm re-introducing this after nearly a quarter century being unavailable. Is a very good example of oldtime hand crafted, hand turned as you can get, illustrating the trade of 'brass finisher' a line of work long extinct. Interestingly the handtool that I use to form the outer bobbin concave flange is stamped H & D ie Holtzapffel and Deyerlein a partnership that ceased around the same time that Stephensons 'Rocket' first ran at the Rainhill Trials.

I have 12 plumb bob and case left to inquire about availability

Plumb Bob and Case

Memory Stick

Memory Stick

Two well fitting sliding brass bobbins to 'remember' whatever dimension, actually a handy device in my own place for 'centring' all my die-cut packaging; spawned wheel marking gauges to follow. Heat blued nicely turned steel locking screws onto 3/16 dia stainless rod 5-3/4 inch (ie 146mm) overall. I first offered this in the mid/late 1980's and as with the plumb bob was one of those items discontinued because of being busy with tooling for electronic circuit board tooling, with hindsight I should have kept these items in production, other firms picked up the ideas and called them their own!

Memory Stick no longer available.

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